Sunday, June 11, 2017

Um...what are we doing?

Okay, here goes... (real quick because I have a paper to knock out)

Unconscious/collective unconscious/whatever...why after an awesome day yesterday: final presentation, goal setting, health/fitness/sunshine, friends and community, personal greatness and you have the scariest, worst nightmare ever?

I saw...

darkness...evil men cutting several children (seemed like girls and boys because it wasn't gender specific) open (anus and sexual organs)...then raping them..

I heard...

the children screaming and sobbing...then afterward, one of the men committed suicide (using a sharp blade; seemed like on old style shaving razor)

I saw...their sad eyes and faces in anguish as they wailed.

I woke up terrified...laying in my bed unable to get the images and sounds out of my head.

What am I to do with this?  What has it come to teach me?  What does this mean for and about me, if anything?  What does it mean?  Whatever it is, I'm a warrior and I am going to take this on and I am going to win! That said, perhaps the dark night continues...such a relentless motherfucker!

I've walked through different versions of hell and confronted the demons before and I'll do it again.

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