Saturday, June 10, 2017

Summer Goals...

  • rest and relaxation
  • volunteer at therapeutic horse riding center and begin riding lessons 
  • lot's of outdoors activities: swimming, hiking, day-trips, camping, star-gazing, sunshine... 
  • FUN!!!
  • date (it's time) 
  • dance (dates with dancing involved) 
  • yoga
  • paint and draw/sketch in nature
  • play music/guitar
  • focus on health and exercise 
  • work full-time/save money for the winter and pay bills
  • chip away at GA hours 
  • read and study for pleasure  
Finished part one of my MA in art therapy and have been working so hard!  I feel pleased and see my hard work panning out and I'm so glad to have a little freedom to enjoy.

It's gonna be an awesome summer! I'm so excited!!!

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