Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Note to Self:

if I watch, read, or listen to David Bowie material I get to dream about him! Ooh la la!!! It was wonderful...Oh, I love him (an no disrespect to the Goddess Iman because it wasn't a sexy dream)!  I feel like I know him for real now though...dreams are so wild!  I worked with him AND we were good friends and he's such a kind, deeply thoughtful, creative and honorable man.  The dream sort of copied the documentary I watched last night by saying that few really got close to Bowie, that he was very private, and in my dream he and I were friends.  He let me in to his heart as I let him into mine!  It was a lucid wonderland of Laura and Bowie!!!!  We danced and hugged too!

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