Friday, April 28, 2017

Question to ponder:

How does one choose what has already been chosen or choose what is?

This means so much to me.

PS: It's snowing!!! Hard!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

"Look at those cavemen go!"

making connections for light figure project...

how to connect Bowie, or his light and how I feel inspired by him, to projecting/speculating how he might respond to various current events, and how he inspires me to transform my own consciousness and to be an agent of change or at least an effective, sensitive therapist...kind of abstract project and I'm not quite sure about what to do yet...sometimes the pedagogy at my school feels a little willy-nilly and haphazard, which I can thrive quite well in as a rebellious artist doing whatever I want, but I need a little more structure just to figure out what I need to do with this, as I know they want something specific and maybe they just won't tell us?  Grad school likes to make students struggle and see what we'll throw together, which I like.  I don't know.

so three articles a then there's: (note: in an interview Bowie later advises his future children, although after the fact of having kids, not to shave off their eyebrows because they'll never fully grow back...)

but Bowie was pretty apolitical and I chose him (and he chose me apparently, maybe...) because he resonates in other pertinent ways...hmmm, I don't know how all of this going to connect. I found interviews where he describes himself as a "social observer" and he creates characters to reflect back what he see's going on in the world. Also, Bowie was quite a humanitarian involved in food scarcity and human rights issues, Live Aid 1985 and much more, so there's that.  Iman is Somalian and I believe this famine and cholera horrors would be of big importance to him, so I chose that article.  Just not sure if I'm supposed to choose articles that I think he would connect to or if I'm suppose to connect him and speculate about his response, feelings, etc to just anything.  This is weird.  Feels like errors in the lesson planning but maybe I'm just being a brat.
I've learned that I am one of those learners who get's kind of pissed off while I'm figuring stuff out. Not always, just sometimes, when it's important work.  I guess that's good?

using music as a tool to question political, social, theological forms of authority... and other forms

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