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My Afro-Spanish-Irish Ancestry

The image is St. Brigid of Ireland who is a Moorish Goddess of Ireland.  She comes from the FoMuurs, also known as the original Muurs or Moors of Ireland.  These African people are believed by many historians to have settled long before the Celts, the Vikings and Fjords.

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Algerian Berber woman with traditional facial tattoos 
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Moroccan Berber woman
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Celtic/Nordic skin designs 
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Moors were a mix of Arabs and Berbers and originated from communities across Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt (Phoenicians), Mali, Niger, and Mauritania.  They commonly migrated through Northern Africa into Morocco, if they didn't also originate in Morocco and some did, then they moved into the Iberian Peninsula, modernly known as Spain and Portugal, and being seafaring peoples, they also traveled straight to Ireland, Scotland, Whales, and all over Northern Europe.  Many historians believe they settled in these regions first and later mixed with the Celts, Vikings,and other peoples, when they arrived and eventually conquered the regions.  More darkly-complected/dark hair/dark eyes Irish people may have deeper Moor roots than some of the blonde/red-haired and fair-complected Irish.  Galicia, (Gaelic ??? I just put that together), Spain, the North-Western tip of the peninsula, is known for its Celtic cultural influences which are alive and well today.  There were direct  trade routes by sea between Spain and Ireland but those routes and early connections are believed to have been established by African people, Moors, who settled in Ireland.

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There are so many similarities between various Celtic music, art, languages, and ones of Asiatic-African/Moor cultures. I wish I were more of an expert so I could give more solid examples but I'm not there yet.

On a personal note and what might seem strange is that this is a history I was able to connect with somehow through dreaming and connecting dots on my own subjective maps, desire maps as I call them.  Desire maps are composed of intuitions, dreams, desires, internal knowledge obtained through direct experience, and for me a desire to go home.  I've felt so lost and have wanted to know about the people I descended from because I need cultural roots that feel meaningful to me so I can tether myself to them.  Identity is important.  I've always been told I have Irish roots, then Black Irish came into the picture at some point and I didn't know what that meant until an Irish man explained it to me and that that can even be implied in a derogatory way.  I'm not racist so I feel excited and proud of the possibility of even the tiniest of African roots in me!!!  Anyway, WE ALL come from Africa...and Lucy! Now thanks to Ancestry.com we've learned maternal ancestors are from the Iberian Peninsula, hence the Irish/Spanish/Moorish connection.

This further explains why Paganism, Mystic Christianity and Islam and Sufism feel so kindred for me as well. 

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We also learned of a tiny percentage of my maternal ancestry being from a Southern African tribe and I don't recall the name of that tribe.  It will be interesting to one day have my DNA tested because my paternal side is even more Irish but despite genealogical efforts of family members, it has been very difficult to locate ancestors. 

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So, yeah, I've been connecting the dots little by little and feeling my way to some semblance of an a priori truth to a large degree until now, so through investigating my internal fascination with certain cultures (their music, dance, art, spirituality, symbols, etc) which feel very kindred to me, and by following my desire maps of course, I came to feel that I might have found links to my kin.  Now I've been reading about this subject for a couple years on and off and am making some headway.  Although, I'm pretty fair skinned, I am also olive-complected and turn light brown from the sun...like a sweet sun-kissed date!  

So, it all comes down to me believing that some of my ancestors are the Celtic Moors, Spanish, probably Vikings too, and even pagan people at some point, from different regions.  I used to wonder if I have Native American roots, but the answer is no, not at all.  My people were indigenous to other lands and I hope I can go to those places at some point. Next on the list: get my DNA tested and travel to Ireland, Spain and throughout North Africa to explore!!! 

  I plan to eventually do the Camino de Santiago Compostella again, which is a walking pilgrimage through Spain, ending in Galicia. I attempted this journey back in 2003 but due to having all of my money stolen in Barcelona, I was unable to complete my mission.  I had no knowledge of any of this at that time, so perhaps it was Divine providence at work.  Now, when I return I will have a better idea of where I am going, what I am looking for, and why I am on the journey.  More to this saga will be revealed.

Arabic belly dance-Loreena Mckennitt

Loreena McKennitt Mediterranean Odyssey

Loreena McKennitt:  Marrakesh Night Market

Loreena McKennitt - Caravanserai

and then we have and Irish band, The Moors...

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Monday, December 12, 2016

Turquoise Trail in Cerrillos Hills State Park

Northern New Mexico is stunning!!!! Masha'Allah! 

Phoenix Dactylifera

...is my initiation into impressionism and I have a long way to go before I am successful at this style.  I feel called to immerse myself in Light, color, relationship, healing and restoration.  I believe impressionistic painting can help me locate my deepest longings, therefore my new body of work explores the concepts of place and connection; within myself, with others and on Earth.  It concentrates on fruit, plant beings and landscapes which I experience emotionally and energetically as internal maps, desire maps, and these maps are guiding me home.  My newly emerging body of work is composed of visions, feelings, memories and recollections which remind me of a home I have not found yet intend to find.  They are regions on Earth I intend to visit because they feel kindred and sacred to me. This home feels like a dream and an unfolding story and calling.  Certain fruit, trees and landscapes, for example, date palms from an oasis somewhere around the Mediterranean, North Africa and the Middle East, intuitively direct me to where I am meant to go...because I long to go to these places.  Desire maps are gifts from the Creator because they are intentionally placed within us so that we can better find our Truth.  These maps are whimsical, musical, mythical, poetic and alchemical...they are ecstatic prayers carried by the omnipotent Winds.  My mission with this body of work is to continue using art-making processes to heal myself as well as to help me identify very specific places I must go to.  And I have to get there as soon as possible!  

Phoenix Dactylifera #1 and #2

An oasis is just an island in recovery...

Seen by the Essene 

hello Holy Body Temple

hello golden light pillar rooting me to the core of the Earth, extending into the Cosmos

hello precious Angels of Air, Light, Earth, Water, Life, Love, Peace, Wisdom, Healing

hello surrender, prostration and kissing the ground you walk on

hello independence and intimacy with you standing next to me, your silent hand on my shoulder reminding me I am never alone

hello Tesla's Coil of electric spirals cracking and popping to the beat of Mother's Heart Drum in the wake of the Dark Night

hello clouds of spaciousness between inhalation, exhalation, and annihilation

hello penetration of Light Photons tickling the backs of my eyelids, awakened 
by the One Who Never Sleeps

hello butterfly-effect, guttural flutterings, leaves trembling, sweetness rippling

hello streams of conscience sparkling from here to Kingdom Come

hello Divine Presence in the Here And Now and faith in the ancient all that ever was and will be, which is a silky vortex I am destined to reverently nurture in my secret pocket of mystery

hello Lovers and Travelers on the Paths of Righteousness, swimming 
the Seas of Eternal Return and Being

hello Ancestral Family, you timeless tender warriors

goodbye delusions of separation