Saturday, January 20, 2018

Hollywood: Take 2: Scene: Florida

So excited! Looks like the focus is getting clearer and clearer on where we want to move to. Hollywood, Florida between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. We even have a specific apartment picked out and it seems to be very affordable and nice! I researched tons of vegan cafes/fine dining for chef/work options all around the area and our apartment (planning for it be ours) is close to the Atlantic Ocean, beaches, lakes and parks. I can really envision it and a beautiful life there, which is key to manifesting! Hopefully we'll know more next week. Finally, we've sold almost all our belongings! This is moving so smoothly!!!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Life as a Fruitarian

I realized today that when I became fruit-based and totally raw/high raw vegan, I developed as an artist even more. The lightening effect from my food made me able to feel and look more deeply. I really did and do experience a level of clarity, grounded spirituality and connectedness on fruit that is so acute, alive and awake. Nothing else, other than yoga, and a fruity lifestyle is part of my yoga practice, makes me feel like my antennas are working so well, and as a result my work really started to speak volumes to me. For starters, I aligned my eating to heal myself with my ability to paint my healing, which was profound. I felt like I was reflecting and refracting the same light and color as my paintings. It was wild! It was like gazing into a mirror and diving down a rabbit hole. And the more I explored, the more vivid the colors, textures, flavors and concepts became. I was able to create all these realistic and emotional renderings of animals, human figures, natural landscapes, fruit and vegetables, as well as ethereal renderings that told big stories, so I listened. My painting skills really developed too, and I was able to execute a wider gradation of values and hues, layering color and light and manipulating the media more. Sure, it helped that I was working on a minor in studio art and had awesome teachers, but seriously, I know it was the fruit that took the whole learning experience to another level. I know I can say that here and people get it which is refreshing. I just wanted to share because I've been on a long journey of Self-discovery and have found my way back to this empowering space with fruit and the personal excellence I know I'm capable of and I feel empowered to pick up with my work as an artist/activist/peacemaker/and chef fueled by fruit because there is no better way to live. I'm so grateful for the experience of prodigally inviting myself to the highest version of myself and returning over and over. Not all who wander are lost. I'm a humble nomad.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Note to Self:

Dear (anon),

Wanted to check in. I'm wondering about what you're up to and if you're in or went to grad school, or not, and what you're doing professionally. Anything to do with Negotiation Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding? I ask because I still feel called to mediation and peacemaking, in conjunction with vegan activism, being a chef, health coach, yogi and artist. I want to design work that allows me to travel the world. I'm trying to figure out how to do it and align all my interests in a way where I can be of service to others as well as myself. I hope that's not too much to ask for, or is an indicator of me being too hard to satisfy.

Anyway, I think you know I was studying in an MA program to be an art therapist, but therapy isn't it for me and I don’t want to be in school forever. And it's not the type of work that I want to do, not per se. I always felt mediation and facilitating spaces for solution oriented interactions done well has healer/therapist tones to it because of the intelligence which arises within the group conscience and not simply from the facilitator. This is also unique to good therapy, but mediation is awesome because it doesn't require all the licenses and credentials, especially as one moves around the country and world, and it doesn't come with other types of rules and requirements that therapy does. 

This message is an effort to reach out to the Multiverse, to raise my antennas for ideas and direction. I find that through communication, to others and to myself and God, direction almost always comes. Letters can be prayers. First, I ask and then I listen. I carefully listen and watch for signs with all my senses. There are lots of moving parts to pay attention to in conversations such as these.

But yeah, I'm so curious about what you're up to as well as others in our cohort. Would love to hear from you! 

Happy New Year! 

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Let's Talk About Race And Celebrate Difference, Not Whitewash and Universalize

Went to see I Am Not Your Negro tonight at the Santa Fe Art Institute. Re: the questions posed to the audience regarding mobilizing for power and justice in order to address seen and unseen racism in our communities. I wanted to add that it is especially important that people who identify as white talk about race, our legacy of violence, our privileges, etc, with each other and educate one another, as oppose to resorting to relying on People of Color to train us on these histories and issues. This can be very triggering, re-traumatizing, disrespectful, delegitimizing, among other things. White folks need to step up and take responsibility to be informed about the history of colonization, how it has affected different groups of people in the US and across the globe, and to take right action to participate in healing the wounds of racism. There is an organization called Showing Up For Racial Justice that does just that, and they meet here in Santa Fe, in all cities, as well as have free nationwide conference calls, a FB group, a website and more with tons of information. This is at least a good place to start. What's even better, is SURJ organizes as an ally to Black Movements and functions based on supporting those movements according to the support functions they self-determine. I wanted to share with the group tonight, but there wasn't time. This film is so powerful!

Monday, January 8, 2018


2 kinds of parsley, fresh mint, buckwheat, lemon juice, sun dried tomatoes, cucumber, apple,
apricots, smoked paprika, onion and garlic powder, dill, and sea salt.
Levantine with my own spin! Fresh and sexy!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Emotional Geography: Go Where the Love Is

I'm not offering unsolicited advice or anything, but letting go and following your heart is the way!!! What could be better than following your dreams; your internal map of life and the world! Love what you do and do what you love! Those passions and dreams inside of you aren't coincidences, they are in you for reasons which will be revealed! Be courageous and allow a life of love and adventure to unfold.

By the way: I'm moving to Miami in two months! Following my dreams to be a vegan personal/community chef with a thriving business including holistic nutritional and lifestyle support services to clients. I'm following my dreams to play in the water, enjoy the sunshine, live on tropical fruit, have my beautiful mother with me, and more.  After I finish my Rouxbe plant-based chef program, I may eventually continue on to study at the Hippocrates Health Institute in Palm Beach. I believe that all of these dreams are gifts and maps to guide me and help me live the life for the Highest Good, mine and the collective's, so I have no reservations or hesitations whatsoever. How do I find my direction? I get very calm and quiet, I weap if I need to and feel the feelings associated with feeling lost and searching for the light to clarity, I lay on the Earth sometimes, I pray for guidance and then meditate which is the ultimate form of acute listening.  And, I'm always listening, night and day, in sleep and awake, with my whole body and being (although my ears aren't so good haha!) and watching the signs and patterns around me too. It's a tantric conversation with Nature. Life is a meditation. I listen and watch for Source and the Multiverse to unfold and show me what is real and true, and what is next.

So, off we go! I am selling and giving away almost all of my things. The guidance I received explicitly let me know intuitively to let go of my baggage, and nearly all of it. In the whole word, I own a small car, which I will have my kitchen/cooking tools, some clothes, a few books, some of the art I made, my guitar, my computer, some meaningful items/art/memorables from family and friends, and Maggie, my doggie companion (and I don't own her, she's one of my best friends). That is it. At the end of February, we will get in the car and drive away. Thank you Santa Fe for everything!!! I learned and healed a lot!!!   

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Patience: A Practice in Trust

I trust that my dreams and desires are in my heart for good reasons.
They are maps guiding me home. 
In this home, there is no coming or going, only eternal love, presence and dwelling.
Perfection for a wanderer like me.

...and you're always there, prodigally welcoming me, allowing me to shower my creativity; my Beloved.